Year 7 Netball VS NLS

On Thursday 17th November Southam College played netball against NLS. It was a slow start for Southam meaning NLS took advantage to get in some early goals. First quarter score 4-1 to NLS.  The second quarter was also a nervous 7 minutes; Southam tried hard to win and defend the ball but there was still no stopping NLS who scored another 5 goals. Score 9-1 to NLS. In the third quarter Southam finally changed their gear; they fought hard for the ball and defended the NLS shooters tight. The Southam shooters were successful in receiving the ball and scoring. Third quarter score 9-3. The final quarter demonstrated resilience for the Southam team, even they though they were down on goals they never gave up to attack and defend the ball. Unfortunately, there was not quite enough time to get up to the NLS score line. Final score 11-4 to NLS.

‘Thank you to all the girls who played and Isabella who was awarded player of the match and captained the team. There is a lot of positives we can take from the game so keep you heads held high.’Miss Evans

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