Year 7 Rubgy

So close in Sutton Coldfield!

In a well spirited Saturday morning fixture away at Fairfax in Sutton Coldfield, Southam finished a close 2nd losing 20-15.

Outstanding rucking and ball presentation was matched by hard running. Freddie scored 2 tries with skilful elusive running. A third try was scored by the hard-working 2nd row Joe.

Isaac S and Harry F should be commended for excellent tackling and hard work around the breakdown as should Macsen and Oscar. The whole forward pack worked brilliantly in the rucks.

If we had got the ball out wide sooner, more tries should; and would have been scored. A strong tackling Fairfax defended well and scored on the break against the run of play.

Two evenly matched teams in a fantastic advert for schools rugby saw this young team continue to develop.

Well done gents, we are proud of you.

Mr Turton and Mr Elkerton

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