Anti-bullying week 2022

Taste your words before you spite them out

We, the Head Students are excited to announce a new approach to anti-bullying week this year. We have created a week that will surround the topics of sexism, racism and homophobia, and take a more direct and united approach to tackling bullying. Within this week we aim to educate the lower school on why bullying is not tolerated, but more specifically the history behind the aforementioned subsections of bullying and put a stress on why we shouldn’t use targeted, hateful words. The Year 12 prefect team are running a presentation session in years 7-9, which will be an educational session on why certain derogatory slurs are not used, and the history behind them. This is because we believe that educating students as to why these words are hurtful is a lot more efficient at tackling targeted bullying than punishment.

Year 7 Rubgy

So close in Sutton Coldfield!

In a well spirited Saturday morning fixture away at Fairfax in Sutton Coldfield, Southam finished a close 2nd losing 20-15.

Outstanding rucking and ball presentation was matched by hard running. Freddie scored 2 tries with skilful elusive running. A third try was scored by the hard-working 2nd row Joe.

Isaac S and Harry F should be commended for excellent tackling and hard work around the breakdown as should Macsen and Oscar. The whole forward pack worked brilliantly in the rucks.

If we had got the ball out wide sooner, more tries should; and would have been scored. A strong tackling Fairfax defended well and scored on the break against the run of play.

Two evenly matched teams in a fantastic advert for schools rugby saw this young team continue to develop.

Well done gents, we are proud of you.

Mr Turton and Mr Elkerton

Explorer Dome Company

Exciting reminder for all of year 7 …the Explorer Dome Company are coming to Southam College on the 16th and 17th January 2023 to perform their ‘Cells’ shows for all of year 7
. Please remember to tick the consent box and pay your £5.20 on parent pay if you have not done so already. Please see Mrs Sharpe in Lab 2 for further information.

Year 7 Football

Southam VS NLS

Our year 7 football team were a part of the 4 away fixtures that took place on a sunny Wednesday evening against North Leamington School (NLS).

The year 7 were excited to play their first game in green and black and started off well in the first 10 minutes, linking up well and trying to keep the ball on the floor. NLS always looked threatening when they attacked and got lots of shots away in the first 15 minutes but with Jasper playing brilliantly (And out of position!) in between the sticks for Southam, they were beginning to wonder how they could break the deadlock. Southam opened the scoring after the 20-minute mark as Sam broke the NLS line of defence and calmly took the keeper on and slotted the ball home to go 1-0 up. This lead did not last long as NLS struck back with a superb finish in the bottom left corner which followed a wonderful through ball which unlocked Southam’s defence. 1-1 at half time was a fair representation for the first 35 minutes with all to play for in the second period. The second half started very much like the first with both teams creating good scoring opportunities but could not capitalise. NLS came close with a 25-yard volley which left the crossbar shaking. With 15 minutes to go, NLS scored a wonderful goal with a shot from outside the box which nestled into the top left-hand corner. Southam fought hard and tried to find a way back into the game but unfortunately could not find a way through the NLS defence which meant the game ended 2-1. Southam’s attitude in the game was positive, they played some good football and represented the school well which is great to see. The team will be back stronger in their next fixture after half term!

Year 7 Football

A Football feast to finish the half term!

Southam College drew the half term to a close with their fixtures with 4 football teams travelling to North Leamington School for a combination of League and Cup games.

Year 7 lost their first ever Southam College football game 2-1.

Year 8 drew 1-1 after conceding in the last minute

Year 9 lost 6-0 to a well organised NLS side

Year 11 overturned an early goal to win 2-1.

It was a pleasure to take 56 students across 4 year groups to represent the school on one night. Well done to all involved.

Also, a special thanks to Mr Elkerton, Mr MacGibbon and Mr Jeffries for their hard work in running the teams.

Have a great half term!

Mr Turton.

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