Year 7 show spirit of rugby in sensational finale at Southam

The most improved team of the year came fresh from a Victory at Bablake 1/2 to crown the season with another win vs President Kennedy Coventry. 

The team had a pre match knock when inspirational captain Jasper H went home ill, but there were still 19 lads available with 3 new caps in the squad. 

With PK down players, boys went over and played for the opposition. Jacob H, Alex P, Josh F and Gethen M were outstanding in fighting against the green and black tide of hard running and rucking Rugby. They were equally as hard and committed in the tackle when playing for Southam in the second half. Alex P the most improved of the bunch.  Tries came from Macsen Sam L on debut,  Freddie D, Jo B, Oscar M to name but a few. As much as Southam now look good with the ball, everyone needs to improve their tackling. This is a big area to work on. It will turn a good side into a great side. 

Josh F linked well and showed that they are starting to get a pattern of play to their game . Harry F was a brilliant example of latching and having two scrum halves battling with Seb G and Ben R has improved standards. Morgan J ran well as did Harvey KV. Coen B was committed in the rucks as was the new flying full back Thomas G. 30 -10 at half time to Southam. 

Oscar M played for the opposition in the next game and it was only Macsen N playing out of position at full back that stopped him. The plaudits however go to Fin H for a great run on the wing – jinking like a young Shane Williams – and also Nav S. This lad shows real promise strength and a passion for the game. local coaches need to snap him up!!   

Man of the match was close. It could have been so many players Jo B was very close, Oscar, Alex P  and Macsen, but it has to go to Toby R. whose first half tackling, and commitment was fantastic.

Final score 55- 20.

Well done boys – training continues!

Mr Elkerton

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