Explorer Dome Science Shows

Day 1

7GV1, 7GV2, 7SE1, 7SE2 and 7WG1 all enjoyed an immersive multi-sensory journey today. This started 13.8 billion years ago with the moment where the Universe began as a tiny, dense fireball that exploded or ‘The Big Bang’ and took us on adventure through time which culminated in a look at some of the unusual genetically engineered organisms of the modern world. During this show we were able to study life processes, different cells, the structure of DNA as well as the intricacies of cell division, genetic engineering, natural selection ,extinction and even the evolution of life itself.

Students were totally engaged with this experience and asked some excellent questions, very well-done year 7! We would like to say thank you to our talented presenters Matt and Josh from Explorer Dome for delivered such engaging and imaginative sessions and we very much look forward to greeting 7WE1, 7WE2, 7WH1 and 7WH2 tomorrow.

17th January

Period 1 – 7WE1

Period 2 – 7WE2

Period 3 – 7WH1

Period 4 – 7WH2

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