Welcome to Southam College Year 6

When you join us in September,  I am really looking forward to celebrating your successes with you and your Tutors. 

A major part of my role is monitoring you closely, observing your progress and development. I will be there to support you along the way as you start at Southam College. Working with a large team of staff, I will be there to support any worries you may have as you move from primary school into Secondary.  I firmly believe that Southam College has a fantastic caring, supportive, and creative community. Teaching staff are approachable and friendly, they are great in creating an environment that allows everyone to achieve.

I have heard a great deal about you from your proud teachers in your primary schools and now I feel very keen to meet you and our new tutor team. 

I am delighted to be your Head of Year. Together with your Tutors, I am looking forward to you being part of the best year group Southam College has ever had!

I am looking forward to helping make your journey from Primary School to Southam College enjoyable, fun and a memorable experience for you to arrive with excitement, energy, and motivation to be the best that you can be!

Thank you, Mrs. Erroi 

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